My name is Jakub Krejci, but nearly everybody calls me Kuba. Some Mr. Kuba, some Jakub and my stepaunt once shouted to me across the Louny square - JAKOUBEK! Since that time,
Jakub Krejčí Karbaník
and that must be forty years now, I don't like to be called this way. Thanks.
I use the name Kuba most frequently in my life, that's why I have chosen it as my autograph. I will try to present you the spheres in which I used to move, in which I am today, and maybe some of what I am preparing for the near future. And since I am artist, they are especially about my visual work, work which completes all my life and which has become a good girlfriend of mine.
I offer you a brief profile of my realizations and activities in individual chapters including pictures. Lithographies are probably the most interesting, people sometimes buy them from me; and I have positive reactions to wooden sculptures as well.

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