Curriculum Vitae

I was born 11th of September 1955 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. I graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts, Prague – field Toys, led by professor. V. Fixl. I continued my studies at the Academy of Performing Arts – field Puppet Theatre Scenography, led by Doc. V. Kabrt. My dissertation was in two-parts. First one was a fairy tale Ferda the Ant (director J. Pesek) at the Plzen Theatre. The second part was the performance called The Heart of Cinema, the Heart of Theatre (director K. Makonj). In 1981 together with colleagues we established the puppet theatre Pedluke Padluke. We managed to produce two plays Johanes Doctor Faust (1981) and Village Fair at Hudlice (1982). The following year the theatre closed. Shortly after that I cooperated with I. Pokorny and V. Kotek.
artist Jakub Krejci
We established the Free Association of Theatre People Vikyr. The first staging I made for the Association was Baron Prasil (directed by J. Uhrin, 1983). At the same time I had already worked on the huge setting for the puppet thriller written by I. Perinova – Highwaymen at Chlum (directed by M. Kopecky junior, 1983) – beneficiary performance of Matej Kopecky senior. At the end of 1983 together with I. Pokorny, V. Kotek and K. Makonj we started preparing the dramaturgy of the Theatre Fair. At the end of 1985 I worked on the fairy tale Pupavienka directed by J. Simkanic at Spisska Nova Ves and I carved the puppets for the play Palo - The Fiddler by I. Prochazkova (director I. Pokorny). In 1986 I cooperated both on the performance Na Porici dite krici with the director I. Podobsky in the theatre Semafor and on the West Pocket Revue at Studio Boure. In 1987 I had the opportunity to cooperate on the setting for the play Zuzana is alone at home for the theatre Semafor (director Jiri Suchy). Under the supervision of the director Vit Olmer I did paintings for the television film The Ghost of Canterville. In September 1988, together with P. Benes I left the Free Association of Theatre People Vikyr and for that matter also the Theatre Fair. At the beginning of 1989 together with Matej Kopecky we re-staged the play the Highwaymen at Chlum at the Prague's Central Puppet Theatre. Then I devoted my time for free creations (illustrations, china sculptures, lithography). In the spring of 1990 together with several of my friends we established the Academy of Applied Arts at the Prague's Mala Strana. In autumn 1991 our further plans with the Academy of Applied Arts failed and we all returned to our professions. At the end of that year I finished the setting for the puppet play The Snow Queen in Walbrzych in Poland (directed by M. Kopecky) In autumn 1992 I created puppets for the play Juraj Janosik staged at a Zilina based theatre. Jiri Brenek directed the play. During the year 1992 I cooperated with Vit Horejs - the theatre manager, the actor and the director of the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre. I created the puppets for the play Jenovefa. In 1993 I designed costumes for the film Silly Augustine directed by Juraj Herz. Afterwards I accepted the invitation of the architect M. Postranecky to make several paintings and sculptures for the restaurant At the golden thirteen in Nerudova Street. In 1994 together with woodcarver P. Kohout we worked on a demanding setting for the Don Juan for the Paris based theatre Loutka (director Francis Jolit). In 1998 I made puppets for CAMT for the play Golem directed by V. Horejs. In the spring of 2001 I cooperated on the design of the puppets for the play The Prose of the Transsiberian and of little Joan of France that CAMT presented in New York (directed by V. Horejs). In 2004 I finished puppets for the play Hamlet by W. Shakespeare staged by CAMT (director V. Horejs). Nowadays I mainly paint or carve Wooden Sculptures.

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