Lithography is in primary graphics the basic and the most used way of the print from surface. It is both a simple and beautiful technique. It is closest related to the simple drawing on paper. It truly reflects the character of penmanship and offers a wide spectrum of expression.
I was introduced to the lithographic technique for the first time in the beginning of the 80ties. Karel Holub, in whose workshop I got mounted my pictures introduced me to a lithographic workshop. My pictures reminded him of lithography. He thought it would have been pity not to print them on the stone. I prepared the basic drawing on a stone at home and when the time came I approached the lithographic machine. After two days of hard work I left the workshop. It was a great experience and I had to share it with my friends right away. My hands were covered with paint and I was so excited to tell about my new experience. I boasted myself that I had used 16 colors and that the experts in the field like Salamoun and Suchanek used only five at the maximum. Some of my friends had not a slightest idea what I was talking about. But then Mr. Igor Sevcik laught at me and explained the technique to me: “The 16 colors you used you can make out of only four (magenta, yellow, cyan and black) by printing them on top of each other. It means by adding magenta on yellow you get red and by adding cyan on top of that you get brown...”
I didn’t realize that it was the basics of printing. The printer didn’t tell me anything about it so I worked longer hours and paid more money to him. The whole story was embarrassing for me. I learned my lesson. I didn’t loose my love for lithography, though. On the contrary it became my favorite technique.

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