Wooden Sculptures

Wood is a material I have been working with for some years. My first and very significant experience with the woodcraft and wood itself started already at the secondary School of applied Arts in Prague at the workshop of professor Viktor Fixl. When attending the Academy of Performing Arts I worked with wood only occasionally at Mr. Vítek's workshop.
Wooden Sculptures
For many years I devoted my work to settings of puppet plays. I came to work with wooden sculptures and reliefs first after some course of time. Wood is the most beautiful material to work with. Under the creative hands it revives. Wood makes fire and makes you warm. The dead wood has a chance to revive once more under the hands of carpenters, sculptors and woodcarvers. I love to revive it, to feel it, to smell it. I love its warmth and its individuality. Lime tree is the wood I prefer to work with and to create new lives from. The lime tree wood is evenly dense. When well dried, it doesn’t spring and it shrinks very little. It can be easily glued and it stains and tones well.
When I am making a wooden sculpture from one huge trunk, I feel it almost gets life out of me before I breathe life into it. That’s why I prefer to carve sculptures from smaller pieces of wood. I create simple mechanisms so that the sculptures can in their new life turn around, open the mouth and similar. My latest sculptures can not only turn around, they can also hold for example a pile of fruit for their owners. Mostly puppets have walked into life out of my workshop. Some of them still live on stages till today; some of them are waiting to be remembered and to be given soul again.
I’ve made a wooden relief and hanged it on the wall in my workshop. Its face constantly follows me. Whenever I look at it, it sends me a smile and keeps me in good spirit all the time. It is a great joy for me to work with wood. The work with wood is beautiful, sweet smelling and sometimes painful, but I always look forward to it. If I paint for too long I feel I have to start carving again. I need the change to enrich my creativity.

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